Our Computer and Tracking Services

We have developed computer programs and tracking systems for all vehicles/ cargo processed through AVECS. All information is available on request from the client or supplier. All reports for every car and all supporting documents are kept online for easy access for an indefinite period of time. We call this system NovaDT. It is unique to AVECS and we have been developing this software over the last 10years. This gives us the leading edge with regards to reporting on all aspects of vehicles and cargo that are handled by AVECS; that transit through South Africa.

Avecs Paperless Document


NovaDT provides paperless documentation handling, which is cost effective, eliminates human error and provides a quicker service.

Avecs Tracking of transactions


NovaDT provides continuous tracking of transactions, and can send immediate notifications of funds received or funds outstanding to clients.

Avecs Live Geo-tracking and reporting


NovaDT offers live geo-tracking across borders, which allows for live updates and notifications.Clients, Agents and suppliers can receive live reporting of the clearing process as well as the transportation and delivery process of cargo.

avecs Importation & Exportation of information


NovaDT is able to handle having more than 1000 vehicle’s data imputted directly into the data base within minutes via CSV. NovaDT can also be linked with XML for constant updating of information.

Customer, Supplier, Apps


AVECS’s IT Team have designed an online application for clients to track their vehicles at any given time. This app is easily available on the google play store for download. With this app the client can track current and even previous vehicles purchased through AVECS. The client can also be notified of promotions. The Customer, Supplier and Inspection app allows for easy communication, constant status updates regarding their vehicle. The online driver portal assigns cargo to transporters, which involves driver allocation and terminal bookings.

Avecs Stock Register


NovaDT saves all data captured of vehicles that are cleared and delivered to the required destination of our clients. The system is able to identify all vehicles that have been cleared since the opening of Africa Vehicle Clearance Specialists (PTY) LTD.

Avecs Live Claim Reporting


NovaDT offers the opportunity to do a claim instantly; as you will be able to log into the vehicle and inspection app. This allows the client to have access to view how the vehicle was received and loaded, including all the accessories. The client will be able to view if there are any damages, scratches, missing items or dents to the vehicle. This system will enable AVECS to rectify the claim immediately. The app will allow you to check at which point the damages or missing items occurred and who is the responsible party as there are visual images of how the vehicle was received when it arrived at the port and when it is being offloaded.

Live invoicing


NovaDT assists accounting in two ways. The Quotation option and with automated invoicing. NovaDT instantly creates quotations that can be sent directly from the system to the client’s email address. Clearing agents can instantly accept or decline a quotation. Automated invoicing eliminates human errors. NovaDT automatically auto fills invoices with client details directly from the database. The invoice portal can keep a clear and concise paper trail between the clearing agent and the customer up to date simultaneously. NovaDT also allows for allocation of discounts. The system can create multiple types of invoicing e.g. Storage, Roro, Cargo dues etc. The system allows for multi-currency. Clearing agents can also send automated payment reminders via NovaDT, as well as allocate client payments.

Online documentation


With NovaDT, all users are able to easily obtain direct access to documents at any given time and place. This effectively saves time through quick and easy access to all of our data that is both secure and reliable.